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Corporate Social Responsibility


Every year PKF Zambia dedicates a day for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). At PKF we believe that good and strong relationships both at work and in the community are a prerequisite to success. We have so far covered several CSR projects in the past years and below are some of our achievements.

  • Sustainable care for the Environment – Planting fruit bearing trees to mitigate climate change and generate income.
  • Promotion of Education – Sponsor the vulnerable children to school and rehabilitate school infrastructure (Walls and Furniture).
  • Financial Empowerment – Provision of microfinance to the communities to start or enhance their businesses.
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction – Motivate the employees and make them proud of the work they do through the personal development opportunities.
  • Feeding program – To make the community cared for by the organization.

We are determined to continue creating a positive impact in the community and make the best out of our existence.